People always ask where is good to go to in Scotland, what is Scotland known for, how to travel off the beaten track and what’s new regarding Scottish travel. Through classic folklore and culture, Scottish traditions are world renowned and The White Rose Guild recommends that any visitor experiences the best of what Scotland has to offer.

Scotland is a compelling destination, especially for those who are looking to explore their Scottish roots, stunning natural landscapes, literature, and history. What’s more, visiting local craftsmen offers the opportunity to speak to Scottish people, learn their way of life and discover hidden gems in remote areas.

Coolhunting brings together the latest hotspots in Scotland to visit, examples of cool things related to the country and highlights special events. The White Rose Guild is keen to promote local traditions and experiences that aren’t always known or advertised to visitors. We want to wave the flag for Scotland, keep the history of this great country alive with what’s occurring at this very moment. It’s about The Past, The Present and The Future.