Foundations of Discovery Long Weekend

“For my own part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake”
Robert Louis Stevenson



“For My Own Part, I Travel Not To Go Anywhere, But To Go. I Travel For Travel’s Sake”
Robert Louis Stevenson

From the outstanding shores of the Orkney isles, to the incredible history and architecture of the Scottish capital, to the mountainous curves of the Perthshire hills and glens, the Foundations of Discovery 4 day tour of Scotland has you covered. You will visit impeccably skilled craftsmen and craftswomen and find out exactly what they are doing to preserve Scotland’s culture, as did their ancestors, whilst roaming the romantic landscape.


Hands on craft
with a Stone Carver

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Explore the passion of a traditional Stone Carver. Admire their methods to transform raw materials and chisel them into ornate beautiful pieces of work. Discover the valuable age of stone and appreciate the honour and patience required for working with stone material that is half a billion years old.

Forge beauty with
a Blacksmith

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Explore the passion of a local Blacksmith as he forges items from fire tools to public sculptures. Enjoy this highly creative, technical and physical labour. Admire the process, to start with something plain and linear to produce something completely organic.


Enjoy the beautiful
Scottish nature

Enjoy the wondrous sights of Scotland and it’s beautiful landscape, culture and traditions. Experience the connection between the people and Scotland’s history.

Hands-on with
a Warrior

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Get to grips with an original Jacobite basket-hilted sword and see it clash in battle, whilst a piper plays in the background on the sacred earth where McBane (a notable Scottish swordsman, career soldier, and fencing master) held one of his last duels in the 17th century.

Uncover hidden gems
of Edinburgh

A professional photographer will give you the opportunity to improve your skills and enable you to take great photos on a photography tour of Edinburgh.

Step back in time and explore
ancient castles and whisky

Ancient castles await, no castle is the same and some will leave the past running through your veins. Step back in wonder and take in their grandeur and incredible history. Learn how the national spirit is produced and enjoy a wee dram crafted on the very land you stand whilst on a Scottish whisky tour.


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Edinburgh & Borders


Perth & Perthshire

Duration: 4 DAYS


Not Included