The White Rose Guild Terms and conditions

Your booking is made subject to the following terms and conditions:

The ‘White Rose Guild’ is the trading name of The White Rose Guild Limited and www.thewhiteroseguild.com is the online booking site. Our registered headquarters are located at 3 Floor, 1-4 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh EH3 8HA Scotland United Kingdom (registration no. SC631914). The White Rose Guild Limited is registered in Scotland with the VAT number [343 9892 58 ].

These conditions govern all bookings made with the Company, whether processed in our office in Scotland or elsewhere. Any booking made or order placed by a customer, whether through the Company’s website or otherwise, shall be deemed to be an offer by the customer to purchase the relevant package or other travel arrangements subject to these booking conditions. By submitting a booking, you warrant and confirm to us that you comply with these arrangements.


These terms and conditions along with any other written information prior to confirming your booking shall form the basis of the contract with THE WHITE ROSE GUILD LIMITED (‘us’, ‘we’ or the ‘Company’) in respect of the guided tours (‘tours’) and consultancy services to be provided by us.

Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions (‘conditions’) carefully and contact us with any questions before you agree to them. By making a booking with the Company, you are accepting the terms and conditions laid out in this document. 

Within these conditions, ‘you’ and ‘your’ means all persons named on the tour booking, or individuals and/or companies requesting consultancy services. The ‘contact’ specified in any one booking, who must be over 18 years of age and be one of the persons on the tour, will be responsible for all persons on the tour and will be deemed to have accepted the terms on behalf of all passengers named in the booking.

None of these conditions are intended to contravene or contradict any of your statutory rights under any applicable regulations, acts or laws (including the Consumer Rights Act 2015) and your statutory rights under any such legislation will not be affected.  If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions. Where there is any contradiction, your rights in accordance with Scots Law will always supersede these conditions.  

Tour departures:

Unless otherwise agreed with us in advance:

  • weekly tours begin on Monday and end on Sunday. 
  • long weekend tours begin on Thursday and end on Sunday.

Our departure location is Edinburgh or such alternative location that has been agreed with us in advance.  

For departures on an alternative date or from an alternative location, please contact our booking office at: 

Email: booking@thewhiteroseguild.com 

Telephone: Mobile +44 7497390038 or Landline: +44 1796 472911

Booking Process

Bookings can be made via www.thewhiteroseguild.com, or by contacting us via email at booking@whiteroseguild.com.

We offer various booking options to suit different travellers:

Group bookings

The minimum number of people accepted per any one group booking is 2, and the maximum is 6 people.  This is because fees are calculated on a two-person basis.  

Solo or smaller groups of travellers can choose to join a group booking.  However, please be aware that your trip may be cancelled if the total number of people in your group does not meet the required minimum (i.e. 2).

Private bookings

We offer private bookings for smaller groups or solo travellers at an additional cost.  If you wish to make such a booking, please contact us via email booking@thewhiteroseguild.com, mobile +44 7497390038 or landline: +44 1796 472911 so that we can discuss your requirements further and organise a tour for you.

When customers make an entire group booking for 6 people or a private booking, they are offered the opportunity to add on other re-enactments, music events or other events from our events database which may be available as part of their chosen tour (‘add-on(s)’) at an additional cost. 

All non-UK resident customers are responsible for ensuring that they have all necessary passports, visas and other travel documents required.  We cannot accept any responsibility for your failure to do so, nor any costs or expenses (including costs in relation to the cancellation of a booking) incurred as a result of you failing to do so (which will be treated as a cancellation by you). 


Your booking is not confirmed unless and until we have issued your booking confirmation e-mail, at which point a binding contract exists between us. Unless otherwise agreed, a confirmation will only be issued once payment is received in full. 

We cannot be held responsible if any tour dates you are interested in booking becomes fully booked or otherwise unavailable before we have received payment from you in full. 

Our tour booking process is as follows: 

  • Our packages and prices are available on our website (www.thewhiteroseguild.com) or upon request by emailing us at booking@whiteroseguild.com.
  • Once you have confirmed your selection and submitted any further information requested of you, an Invoice will be issued to you along with these Terms and Conditions. The dates and tour are not confirmed until payment is made in full
  • You will secure your booking by making payment of the Invoice to us in full.   Payment can be made via bank transfer; credit card; and PayPal. All payments must be made in £-Sterling (GBP).  

We accept the following cards: Visa,Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, and American Express. 

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your receipt of payment which will secure and confirm your booking. A confirmation of your booking will only be issued after the payment has been processed.  
  • Tour takes place
  • There is still an opportunity to change plans and add experiences after the booking has been confirmed.  You should inform us of your intention to do so in writing as soon as possible. We will endeavour to meet any requests, although we cannot guarantee that will be able to do so.  Any changes to your booking requested by you may be subject to an administration fee. In the event of any shortening of tours, you will not receive any complete or partial refund unless expressly agreed by us.
  • For cancellations and refund terms and conditions, please see the sections on Cancellation by Us and Cancellation by You.

The validity of prices: 

All rates quoted in our tariffs are based on current prices and are subject to change on our website without notice. After the final invoice has been issued, the price of a booking is guaranteed against surcharges unless due to currency fluctuation, government taxes or any other cost increase beyond The White Rose Guild’s control. In the rare event that any published prices must be increased due to the aforementioned reasons, we will notify you at least eight weeks in advance of your tour date if your booking price is affected.


Custom Tour prices will be offered when the Tour is defined

Prices are given in £-Sterling (GBP) 

Prices do not include the following, unless specifically detailed in the itinerary for your specific tour:

  • admission fees 
  • on-site guided tours not provided by us 
  • accommodation costs
  • food and drinks costs

Custom bookings: For packages that have been customised, you may choose to pay a deposit (50% of the total amount, depending on the services included) or the full payment (100%) at the time of booking. 


Accommodation is NOT included in our tours.

We provide a list of accommodation on our website, from luxury hotels and castles to bed & breakfasts or guest houses. Our inventory keeps in mind the logistics of our itineraries and tries to offer accommodation within a short radius from the end of day destinations. 

Our guests have three choices in relation to booking their accommodation:

  1. They reserve the accommodation on their own from our list OR 
  2. they choose alternative accommodation located within a 15 mile radius of the end of day destination OR
  3. They ask our travel counsellor to take care of their booking.

We will endeavour to assist you in booking your accommodation within the price bracket specified by you and by helping you with advice on accommodation providers. Accommodation booking arrangements are provided independently by third party accommodation providers and are subject to their own terms and conditions. Any contracts undertaken are between you and the third party accommodation provider. 

Such arrangements are made independently of us, irrespective of any help or assistance which we may provide in securing such accommodation. The costs of any special requests or supplements are governed by the policies of the relevant accommodation providers or other suppliers. 

When booking your own accommodation, it must be in the agreed end of day location (contact us for more information), failing which we will be unable to drop customers off and collect them. If no accommodation is available within the end of day destination, any alternative accommodation locations must be agreed and the itinerary updated before booking. Failure to do so will leave you responsible for your own travel arrangements to and from the end of day destination.

Supporting Conservation, Local Businesses and Communities

We will always encourage our customers to support local businesses and local communities, particularly in efforts to preserve and conserve heritage (including natural), culture, traditions and histories, (Comment!  The highlighted text needs to be reviewed as I am unsure of the inclusion of brackets)as well as the historic sites and areas of natural beauty that we visit on tours. We encourage our visitors to spend money where it will be used to support local businesses, the wider local community and conservation efforts.  If you wish to ask about this on or before your tour, please do so. This is done as part of our overarching ethos to encourage best practice in conservation management and to support the work of those who aim to conserve our fragile heritage. We do not encourage visits or spending of money in return for any kind of reward from any third party.

Luggage and Sporting Equipment: 

Passengers are normally restricted to one medium-sized suitcase/bag (maximum weight 20 kilos) and one carry-on bag per person. If there are additional luggage requirements, please make this clear in initial contact before confirming your booking. Luggage is carried free but at your own risk. It is your responsibility to make sure that the item of luggage is fit for travel, sturdy and waterproof. 

If leaving luggage in our tour vehicle, it is left at your own risk. Whilst our insurance does include some items, its purpose is not to cover your belongings, and we recommend you have your own insurance for your luggage and equipment. 

Sporting equipment and luggage are insured to be carried with you in our tour vehicle to your destination, but again, it is your responsibility to insure your equipment against theft and damage. If you have any queries about the way items will be carried, please ensure that you contact us before booking. Any decisions over the security of your equipment and luggage will remain your responsibility.


Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Some venues will not permit access to children (e.g. many distilleries do not allow children under eight years old).

Where travel in the Company’s tour vehicle is required, any children travelling must have a child seat provided if required under Scots Law. It is your responsibility to check the law and check with us on booking.  

If you require assistance with making arrangements for hiring a child seat, please contact our booking team in advance of your arrival to arrange for hire through one of our recommended providers. Please note that any arrangements are made independently of us, irrespective of any help or assistance which we may provide. The costs of such seat hire are governed by the policies of the relevant provider.  

Responsibility for the provision of safe and legal child seating will be yours. We (the driver) will not be responsible for the child seat being securely fitted and used during transport in line with the law. This remains the responsibility of the group travelling.

We reserve the right to refuse tours in the event of issues with seat-fitting, or at short notice if no child seating has been provided by you or there are any other issues that would result in a breach of the law. In these cases, no refund will be offered. We will always check if there are children included in the tour party before confirming any booking and it is your responsibility to inform us and arrange seating provision and installation.

Physical Limitations, Disabilities and Medical Conditions: 

We will try to accommodate disabilities and medical problems where we can but please be aware that many of our tours may not be suitable. If you or any member of your party has any disability or medical condition which may affect their ability to travel on our tour then please provide us with full details at the time of making your booking enquiry.  We can then advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements. If we are not informed of any disabilities or medical problems in this way then we cannot be held responsible for any cost or inconvenience incurred if we are unable to accommodate you or any member of your party.

If, acting reasonably, we are unable to accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned then we will not confirm your booking or (if you did not give us details of the disability or medical problem at the time of making the booking request),  we shall be entitled to cancel your booking and apply the relevant cancellation charges. No refunds will be given for sections of the itinerary that cannot be completed. 

Please be aware that the Company’s tour vehicle might be an  SUV, Van or 4×4 which requires passengers to be able to step up into the vehicle. No liability will be accepted for you being unaware of or unprepared for this. 

Special Requests: 

Any special requests must be raised at the time of your booking enquiry. We will try to meet any reasonable special request but we cannot guarantee that they will be available and failure to meet any special request cannot be classed as a breach of contract on our part. If appropriate, we will pass on any special requests to third party companies but we are not responsible for their additional charges or failure to fulfil your request. 

Changes by You:

If you want to alter any part of your confirmed booking, the ‘Contact’ named on the booking documents should contact us in writing as soon as possible. We will do our best to cater for your required changes but can offer no guarantee that we will be able to meet the request. 

Where we can help with a change request, you will be responsible for additional costs incurred by us and such changes may result in a change in the quotation and invoicing. No refunds will be given after a booking if changes lead to a reduction in cost. 

Where we are unable to meet your request, and you no longer want to travel on the basis of the original booking, this will be treated as a cancellation. Please see the section on Cancellation By You for details. 

For the avoidance of any doubt, no changes will be confirmed until full payment of all applicable fees has been received. 

Changes by Us:

We run a company that prides itself on the ability to be flexible and to ensure that the best tour possible is delivered.  However, there may be obstacles, such as inclement weather, traffic problems, access to sites or attractions or other matters outwith our control. 

While the Company shall endeavour to do everything possible to provide the tour itinerary as planned, we reserve the right to amend tour itineraries at any time. We will advise you at the earliest opportunity if there are necessary changes to your tour. 

In the unlikely event that a tour has to be significantly changed, we will contact you immediately so that you can decide how to proceed. In a situation where this occurs and no alternative itinerary is possible, you will be entitled to either: (a) re-schedule the tour to a mutually convenient date, or (b) cancel your booking, in which case a full refund of monies paid will be made to you by us.

Please be aware that in Scotland, the nature of road travel involves risks, weather issues and road conditions which are outwith our control. We cannot guarantee any departure or arrival times at any destination on a tour. 

In the event of a vehicle breakdown or similar events outwith our control during your tour, we will ensure that every attempt is made to continue the tour as planned with changes agreed at the time. If this results in major changes we will offer a full refund of the sections of the tour that were missed.

Cancellation by You 

If you wish to cancel your tour booking after the booking confirmation has been issued, the ‘booking Contact’ should inform us in writing as soon as possible. The date of cancellation will be the date such written notification is received. In the event of cancellation by you, cancellation charges are applicable. 

We will always consider individual circumstances as we do know that sometimes things are outwith your control, but this must be investigated before any decision is made. Contact us to discuss as soon as you become aware of anything that may lead to a cancellation. 

Charges for cancellations: 

  1. Cancellation Date (C.D.) more than 8 weeks before the tour date: 30% of the total price will be charged (70% will be refunded). 
  2. C.D. within 8 weeks up to 1 month before the tour date: 50% of the total price will be charged (50% will be refunded). 
  3. C.D. within 1 month up to 2 weeks up to the date of the tour or a ‘no show’ on the tour date: No refunds will be given.

In addition to the cancellation charges above you may also be liable for cancellation charges by third parties, such as accommodation providers. 

Cancellation by Us: 

In the event of circumstances outwith our control or that cause unmanageable risks to you, we reserve the right to cancel your tour. In this event, we will always refund any monies in full paid by you to the Company.

No show Departures: 

You are responsible for being at the agreed departure point at the time agreed in the final itinerary. We are unable to accept any responsibility for your failure to do so, nor any costs or expenses incurred by your failure to do so. No monies will be refunded for any missed departures. 

Refusal of Travel: 

The Company operates a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment. We reserve the right to prevent any person from travelling with us if their conduct or manner causes offence or upset to us or other users of our service.

We reserve the right to refuse travel to any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will refuse travel to any person who is displaying medical symptoms which may be contagious to others. In these cases, no refunds will be given and tour fees must be paid in full. We will have no further liability to you or your group. In cases where the law is broken, the police will be contacted immediately. 


Smoking is illegal inside a vehicle in Scotland. No smoking is permitted in the Company’s tour vehicle. It is illegal to smoke in some public spaces and is not advisable to smoke in some outdoor areas. There will be regular stops on our tours and, if in doubt, please ask. 


The White Rose Guild claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike, natural disaster or any other cause beyond the Company’s control. The White Rose Guild acts in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for the acts, defaults or delays of any agent, hotel, coach operator, airline, guide, restaurant or any other person or company. 

Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel insurance. We strongly recommend that this cover at least medical expenses, injury, death and repatriation, cancellation and curtailment. In addition, we recommend that you obtain adequate insurance against loss of or damage to baggage and personal possessions including all camera equipment.

Many of the aspects of your holiday experience (of which your tour may form part) are provided by independent suppliers, who provide such products and services on the basis of their own terms and conditions. The Company may share your personal information with other carriers insofar as necessary to enable products and services to be provided. Further details of this can be found in the Company’s Privacy Policy [available here].

The Company will not accept or have any liability for any acts or omissions (whether negligent or otherwise) of any supplier or third party in connection with any tour unless such a person is employed by or under the direct control of the Company. Although we will use reasonable skill and care in verifying descriptions and other information provided by third parties, we cannot guarantee that all such information is accurate, complete or correct and each such third party remains responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information provided to us by them.

If we are found liable to pay you compensation, then (subject to the following paragraphs) the maximum amount which we will be liable to pay to you in respect of any claim shall be limited to the price paid to the Company for your booking, in total. This limitation shall not apply to any claims relating to death or personal injury or fraud or negligence (or any other type of claim that cannot be excluded or limited at law). You must notify us of any potential claims under this provision at the earliest opportunity.

The Company shall not be liable for unforeseeable or indirect losses . We will not be responsible for, nor will we be liable to pay compensation for, any loss, cost, damage or claim to the extent that it results from:-

  • any act and/or omission by you;
  • the act or omission of any third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable;
  • unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been taken; or
  • any event which either we could not, even with all due care, have foreseen or forestalled.

The Company cannot assume responsibility for any costs incurred for any travel arrangements purchased separately from the Company.

Force Majeure: 

Unless otherwise stated within these terms and conditions, we will not have any liability to you if we are prevented from providing our obligations to you as the result of any event outwith our direct control, and/or the control of any supplier/provider. 

These events may include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war; terrorist activity or the threat of such; civil commotion or riot; any action taken by a government or public authority; industrial action, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; traffic, road conditions or road closures; technical or mechanical breakdown; adverse weather conditions; natural disasters and all similar events or circumstances. 

Data Protection

We take your privacy seriously and will always endeavour to process your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws. In order to process your booking and to ensure that your travel arrangements run smoothly, we will need to use the personal information which you provide to us (such as your name, address, contact details, any special requirements etc). Where you have consented, we may also use the information provided to keep in touch with you and to advise you of the Company’s products and services (including special offers) from time to time. We may also pass personal information on to third parties (such as accommodation providers or other suppliers relevant to your booking) where necessary and where appropriate measures are in place. We will not, however, pass your information on to anyone who is not involved in providing (or arranging the provision of) any product or service related to your booking.

Further details of how we process your personal information is set out in our Privacy Policy. Please click [ ] to review our current Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Website Links

Where our website contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for your information only. Such links should not be interpreted as approval by us of those linked websites or of any information you may obtain from them. 

Feedback and Complaints: 

We would encourage all feedback, both positive and negative, which will ensure that our services continue to improve. We would also encourage any feedback, positive and negative, about third party suppliers (sites visited, etc.). Any complaint relating to accommodation should be raised with the provider. 

Your feedback will help us to advise future customers, but also give us insights into what worked or could have been better for you on your tour. Any feedback that you would like us to pass on to third parties can also be passed on formally. 

In the event that you have a complaint during the tour then we would request that you raise it with your tour guide in the first instance.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please bring this to our attention by contacting booking@thewhiteroseguild.com within 28 days of your tour date with detailed information (including your tour date, booking reference and a summary of the facts) so that we can investigate and resolve the matter fairly.  

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction: 

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at The White Rose Guild’s sole discretion without notice.  These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scots Law and any matter or claim arising from them shall be dealt with only by the Scottish Courts (save that you may wish to choose the law of England, Wales, Northern Island or Eire if you reside in any of those places). 

If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal or unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions. 

WTTC SafeTravels Stamp-ai

Dear Customer,

At The White Rose Guild safety is paramount for both our staff and visitors. 

For this reason we have made all necessary adjustments to ensure we comply fully with Government advice in relation to Covid-19.

This ensures we meet strict guidelines for safety and hygiene, meaning our business practises are safe and we are ready to welcome visitors once again.