The Fabric Road Long Weekend

“For my own part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake”
Robert Louis Stevenson



“If it wisnae for the weavers, what would you do? You widnae hae a cloth that’s made of wool”
The Work of the Weavers (David Shaw)

The Fabric Road tour explores Scotland through both the sensational sights and wise words of the craftsmen and women who hand-craft the cloths and materials that portray our great countries culture. The Fabric Road covers tartan, tweed and heraldry, as well as offering the essentials such as legendary castles, whisky and Scottish gin.


Weave into Scottish traditions with a Tartan Historian

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Have you always wanted to explore your clan tartan? Would you like to know more about traditional Scottish tartans? During your Fabric Road tour of Scotland with The White Rose Guild, you will meet with a tartan historian and expert who will help to guide you through the history and fascinating differences between the famous Scottish cloth.

Discover the tradition of kilt making in Scotland​

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The kilt is a very important, internationally renowned piece of Scottish attire. Traditional kilt makers are passionate about preserving traditional heritage in a unique and fun manner, focusing on family clan tartan. Watch as they create bespoke kilts using traditional methods and teach others to preserve this for future generations.


Admire the
majestic falcon

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Be encapsulated by a variety of flying and handling of Scottish birds of prey. Enjoy an introduction to falconry and discover the history and power of these birds up close and personal.

Fly or Cruise
on Loch Lomond

Take a seaplane flight or private cruise over the waters of Loch Lomond. Whether you choose to take the high road, or the low road, you will have the chance to take in the wondrous sights on your choice of Loch Lomond adventure. See why this loch retains its historical charm and romance.

Uncover hidden gems
of Edinburgh

A professional photographer will give you the opportunity to improve your skills and enable you to take great photos on a photography tour of Edinburgh.

Step back in time and explore
ancient castles and whisky

Ancient castles await, no castle is the same and some will leave the past running through your veins. Step back in wonder and take in their grandeur and incredible history. Learn how the national spirit is produced and enjoy a wee dram crafted on the very land you stand whilst on a Scottish whisky tour.


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Edinburgh & Borders

Perth & Perthshire

Duration: 4 DAYS


Not Included